Stage 3 Cervical Cancer Story

Stage III Cervical Cancer Story

 Cervical cancer is a disease that women are at risk for. Any woman, regardless of age, race or religion. Cervical cancer has no mercy on what kind of person you are, but the kind of person you are, can have an impact on someone else. An important thing to remember is that I am not the only cervical cancer survivor out there. There are numerous other stories and I am trying to collect them for you. It will give someone more hope and encouragement that this disease can be beaten. I received an email the other day that literally broke my heart. In the email, she stated how she had beaten cervical cancer and is staying in a shelter with her children and asked how she could help others. Imagine, staying in a shelter with children, having cancer, and still wanting to help others. When I read her first email, she asked if there was anything she could do to help, so sincere!

My Story of Surviving Stage III Cervical Cancer

By Candice Midgley  

I am a 27 year old female and this is my story-

I have two beautiful children, Xander (4) and Kiara (1).xxcc

In December of 2011 I became ill so I went to Rahima Moosa (Coronation) hospital with vaginal infection. They gave me antibiotics to treat the infection. When it got worse I returned to the hospital only to be given more antibiotics.

I lost over 23kg of weight in 2 months time. I was slowly dying and did not know what was wrong. I went to four hospitals for my "vaginal infection." The fourth hospital diagnosed me with stage 3b cervical cancer. Wow! What a blow!

The first thing that went through my head when I found out was "what is going to happen to my children when I die?"

But I did not die. I am now cancer free! I am grateful for all the love and support I received after coming to The Cradle of Hope. If it wasn't for these caring people I would have died. Through Facebook, I was given funding for proper treatment. People I do not even know helped me!

stage 3 cancer survivor

The Lord Jesus carried me through this. It is very difficult for me to explain how I felt. But what kept me strong was my Life Coach and my children and lyks-house,"was apparently the comments Candice Midgley (27), a mother of two, got when she Leratong Hospital in Chamdry, Krugersdorp, trying to insist on help or assistance.

Thank you Candice for sharing your story of bravery with us! More Cervical cancer information & stories: More information below on navigation links. If you would like to share your story too, please contact me Contact form and I really think it would help others.  Even if you are fighting this disease, you can feel free to contact me or use the forum and contact others that are fighting this disease.  Helping women and advocating is a way we can help others battle cervical cancer and give hope.