My Cervical Cancer Symptoms Story

My Cervical Cancer Story and Warning Signs

Cervical cancer pelvic pain

Abdominal and pelvic pain is common as an early sign of cervical cancer. Just beacuse you have those symptoms, doesn't mean you have cancer.
Personal cervical cancer story Women need to know signs of cervical cancer. No one is exempt and it happened to me so it could happen to you.

My Cervical Cancer Story

My firsts early signs of cervical cancer I experienced were intermittent vaginal bleeding & clear vaginal discharge that appeared when I was around 22 years old. I was having vaginal spotting and irregular cycles off and on for several years prior starting off the age of about 18.  Because I was having so much trouble and pain, I had a MRI because of everything going on. I found out I had a pituitary tumor. A pituitary tumor is a type of brain tumor in the pituitary gland. With having the tumor, I nearly stopped having periods and it came almost to a halt.

When I was around 23, I was getting used to not having periods and the doctors said there is absolutely not a chance that I could get pregnant. It was roughly about a year or so later I was starting to have some abnormal vaginal bleeding, however; I was also somewhat excited because I thought that I was maybe going to start having periods again.

Normal Pap Smears & Cervical Cancer

Is it true you can have cancer and have a normal Pap smear? Well, it depends on who's reading the smear and/or type (progression of cancer, etc.). I had numerous normal pap smears, how could I have cervical cancer?

I always knew, or at least I was told, and under the assumption, that pap smears and pelvic exams would find and detect types of female cancers such as: cervical, uterine, vaginal. I had to go for a second opinion; I just had to. I have been told so many different things and had such high hopes that the place said that I was a bother, was right. I would rather be a bother than have cancer.

I made an appointment with another doctor for the following days ahead. The specialist was supposed to be one of the best and I wanted to know for sure if I had cervical cancer. I also had gone through another pap and pelvic exam. The pap test showed I had the disease of endometriosis and that there wasn't any cancer.

We cried, celebrated and uthen called the oncologist right when I had returned home. I told him that my pap test was normal and they said I had endometriosis. I was so happy to explain to him he made a mistake that I couldn't see straight.

For some reason, the next morning, I made a frantic appointment to see him to explain and go over the results with him. It was like I second guessed the best of the best; and I'm not sure why. When it comes down to do or die, it's amazing where you find yourself going with all your gut feelings. After a few months of the this going on, the vaginal bleeding was so intermittent and it was so spotty, that I was really starting to think that maybe it wasn't a menstrual cycle after all.

Another month or so went by and I started getting blood clots and white thick discharge, it was just something so out of the ordinary that I was used to, that it started to get me. I started to be more and more concerned that there was something else going on. I was then passed on to another gynecologist after several stressful trips back and forth.

I soon felt as I was getting nowhere and no one heard my cries or would listen. I knew something wasn't right; It could feel it in my bones. All the pap smear tests I was having, just kept coming back repeatedly abnormal (but within normal limits), or negative for any abnormalities such as cancer and dysplasia.

After several phone calls, I was told I was bothering them and nothing was wrong. I was overwhelmed; and actually disgusted at this point. I was scared and I had to do something, and I had to do it quickly.
I was eventually referred to an OBGYN/Oncologist who said I was advancing rapidly with cervical cancer. He was very adamant and to be honest, arrogant. To verify, he had performed a biopsy, CT scan and a Pet scan. I was receiving mixed signals and mixed diagnoses; I was really getting frustrated with all the different opinions by now. To be honest, I think I had about 4 or 5 opinions by now with all different answers, opinions tests, etc.