Pictures of Hpv Genital Warts
HPV Wart Pictures

Pictures of Genital Warts HPV

HPV Genital Warts

Below you will see different types of HPV warts in men and women which are commonly known as STD (sexually transmitted disease) in Europe and North America. Genital warts are usually found on women in and around the vagina. Warts on men can be usually found on the shaft and tip of penis, etc.

In men, the warts can also be found in the urethra and anus. Women usually have similar type warts in appearance, and are usually seen around and in the vaginal area or upper inner thigh where it is moist.

HPV warts can either be flesh colored bumps, whitish or grayish looking, flat or raised. With flat warts, you may not feel anything, so make sure to check you and your partner if you are sexually active.

You can read more about how and where to find genital warts by reading genital wart information. Included are a few tips and tricks to help find any. Each Hpv picture below are some of many types, shapes and colors of warts.

Picture of Herpes On Cheek

Picture of Herpes on cheek of face

HPV and Herpes 

Hpv is not the same as HIV.  Please feel free to watch an informational video on Hpv which explains more in depth. Check through the site for more information, stories and resources to help you.

If you are needing places to contact or looking for further information, you may find some helpful information for resources for cervical cancer.

Hpv Mouth and Tongue Pictures- Warts on Men/Women

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hpv warts on outside of vagina on skin
Picture of Hpv warts on skin outside vagina
Picture of Hpv in back of throat
Picture of Hpv warts towards the back of throat
Picture of Hpv wart upper inner thigh
Picture of Cauliflower type wart on inner thigh
Picture of cervical cancer under microscope
Picture of cervical cancer

Large Hpv wart on end of tip of tongue (flesh colored)
Picture of Large Hpv wart end of tip of tongue
Hpv wart on inside of mouth (upper inner lip on gum)
Hpv wart on upper inside lip

Large group of Hpv warts surrounding tip of penis
Large group of Hpv warts surrounding penis shaft and head
White patches and Hpv warts on tongue
Hpv white patch largebumps on tongue

Hpv warts around tip of head of penis
Hpv warts around head of penis

Small group of Hpv warts on shaft of penis
Small group of warts bunched on shaft of penis
cauliflower picture of hpv warts on iniside roof of mouth
Picture of cauliflower group of warts on roof of mouth
early cervical cancer stage picture
Cervix Cancer Picture

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