Radiation Therapy

Radiation Treatments- Radiotherapy

What to Expect During Radiation Treatments

On your first visit of going in for your radiation treatment, they put markings on you so they know exactly where to point the laser that comes from the machine. You will be pretty much exposed to the people who give the radiation treatments; but they do this all day long and really- so what?
After you have already went through the scare of having cancer, you really don't care. It was so many years ago for me, that I don't really remember too much detail, but I am giving you the gist of it. Just do what you have to and get it taken care of. Don't be timid, you have to get your mind set to fight cervical cancer, or any illness; go into this just down right angry.

What Happens During Radiation Treatments?

When you have a radiation treatment you want to know what it feels like. I can tell you that it was totally painless. Please look at the video I found about getting a radiation treatment below. This video is great about what happens during radiation and what to expect, how it is started, etc. This video talks in depth on what you really need to know about radiation therapy. I highly recommend it. I did watch this before I put it on to make sure I was finding the best information available and to provide you with everything I can to help guide you. If there is anything else I can help you with, please get in contact with me and I will either give you support, or tell you more in depth with what I went through.

From my perspective- it was like going to the doctor and getting an x-ray. It was just intimidating because I knew what I was there for.  The machine was large and had lasers beams that would light up in bright red. The nurses would then directly point to the area that needs to be radiated.  I believe it made a loud sound, similar to a buzzing noise when it was actually in progress. That's when I fought the hardest as something was being done to rid of this disease.

Radiation Treatments and Side Effects

The side effects that I do remember to a point were: diarrhea, hemorrhoids and fatigue. The diarrhea, being tired and drained, only lasted for about 6 months or so. I did not have chemotherapy, as I chose not to. The Dr. seemed to think the radiation would of taken care of it, and If it didn't, then I would of had it. I did get a little burn like on the area where they radiated. The burn was kind of like a sunburn, but it didn't stay too much longer after the radiation. I don't remember exactly how long, maybe 3 months.

There is hope and cancer is not always a death sentence. If anyone is curious as to how I'm doing now, it's been almost 24 years of being cancer free. I hope that you get something out of what I took the time to write for you so you know that you can make it. Don't let statistics run your life like I did. I compared everything and it doesn't work that way.

If you would like to read my story, it might enlighten you on the symptoms of cancer I had and what I went through to get a diagnosis.

Below is a video on someone getting radiation therapy. This is from Johns Hopkins Hospital, but this is basically how it's done everywhere. The video will give you a general idea. Each facility has their own way of doing radiation therapy; and depending on what type of cancer you have, it will vary. At least you'll get the idea.